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History of Apache Junction

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western photo of apache junction
History of Apache Junction, Arizona

Nestled against the dramatic beauty of Superstition Mountain, Apache Junction, Arizona is a charming desert community that rises more than 2,000 feet above sea level. Visitors will find Apache Junction approximately 35 miles to the east of Phoenix, Arizona on Highway 60, also known as Superstition Freeway. The community takes its name from the fact that it is situated in the junction of Highway 60 and Apache Trail.

The history of Apache Junction, Arizona is quite long and dates back to the native peoples that inhabited the area long before it became the modern community it is today. One of the most interesting aspects of Apache Junction is that unlike many other towns it did not develop a centralized downtown area. Instead, Apache junction began to slowly develop along the Apache Trail, particularly centered around the historic Superstition Inn.

Apache Junction history revolves around the area’s ties to mining. Legends of the Dutchman’s Lost Gold Mine continue to be a big draw for tourists to Apache Junction. Even today, more than 100 years later, there continues to be debate regarding whether the Dutchman’s Lost Mine really existed or if there was indeed some truth to the tale. According to lore, prospector Jacob Waltz discovered a rich vein of gold deep within the mountains near Apache Junction and would periodically come into town with large amounts of gold. Since at least the 1890s people have been searching for the mine but have had no luck. Today the Dutchman’s Lost Gold Mine remains the most popular lost mine in the history of the west. Visitors who want to learn more about the Legends of the Dutchman’s Lost Gold Mine can find out more by visiting the local museum dedicated to preserving the legend.

While the Dutchman’s Lost Mine may never have been actually located, that certainly has not stopped many from speculating about its existence. As a result, numerous people come to Apache Junction each year to learn more about the mine and other Apache Junction history facts.

Modern Apache Junction offers a host of contemporary amenities to residents and visitors alike. Those who are looking to relocate to Apache Junction will find numerous Apache Junction real estate options. In addition to residential homes and town homes, there are also many Apache Junction apartments to choose from. Regardless of where newcomers choose to settle, they will be able to enjoy the beautiful backdrop created by Superstition Mountain.

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